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??retrievable arrow with a string attached to it? too heart loyally develops ???


우의 웹 광경에 소리가 나지 않는 먼지에의해 가는 까 라고
31 December
eternal questions

fleeing from questions

"life persists"
                                                                   -- my elder the hemlock tree

" i am "
cold in july and august; hot december through february / already putting my leadership skills to work / a simple mouse-click away / home of 27 peaks over 20000 feet / a favourite location for many holidaymakers / greatly relieved, and we settle into a friendly relationship / angry with him / a twisting tube chute that goes from Rio Aventura to the lower channel / a kind and welcoming hostess / nowhere to be found. ( missing because "I am" in the old clay oven with my newly ...) / about as desolate as one might expect / a 10 week old female american pitbull terrier / an adorable baby / will need someone who is familiar with house breaking / near the coast and have a poorly developed leeward slope with few / lined by animitas, shrines to highway / compared to the “power” and control of the men / a non-pretentious Mexican Restaurant / a very popular choice / praying alone in my cell (Solo: "Inquieto late el pecho mío". ... / part of the larger and very disturbing pattern / grateful for my mom who first exposed me to yoga / also interesting for those with a botanical slant / a wonderful mix of indie-rock and synth-pop / new in town and looking for a job / becoming a metaphor for toxic environmental racism / welcoming and cosy / serviced by three international airports / becoming less cooperative and more willing to ignore / built on the interplay between moist / just a fraction / majestic / bad news. .../ a spa
80s clipart, ?? m ????† ∂?ë, a nest of compost/flaws, a record's ending loop, a sense of wonder, accidental music, activismo, alternative shopping network, anagrams, analog hacking, anti-war, argyle sockfetish, atari, babel ugdagu, babelfish, babeling, becoming a person, being a mammal, blue-green-grey, bowel/peace movement, broken machines, coastalfog and/or midwestmist, colombia, contact mics, crashing new age seminars, cruisin' inthe fun zone, culture jam, culture preserves, cumbias, curbshopping, dirt smell, don smiths, donovan, dreamery, driving in your car, dumpsterdiving, eating green things (notfrogs), ferns and moss, flossing my teeth, fluxus, found objects, geminis in word-mirrors, gettingthe fuck outof town, goin' on feelin' strong, going greyhound, handmedowns, handmeups, hiding/coming out of, hmong rap, hmoob, hoitl, holding my own, houseplants, human kinetics dance company, inanelistsofinterestsdesignedforfriendmaking, infringing on copyrights, insects, invented language, janitors, jock and yono, john cage, jungle strut, kids in the hall, kraagistan, lightbulbs and lightsculpture, liquidations, little blue crunchy things, longdistances, love bringing rainbows, madhruschkhapahoniks, making people laugh, mixed radio stations, mono culture multi culture, natal charts, nicknames, noize, nonenglish hiphop, ocd, old converse shoes, one&zero, organic food, out back of goodwill, paradoxical, performance art, photographing each other, photos while you're sleeping, piseas, possibility, pseudostudent, public art, raining, ralph and bernice, ralph&bernice, ralph-core, re s dual mang, rearranging signs, recycling everything, rest stops, romanticizing shit jobs, rosha's fashions at large, sad stuffed animals, saekhutroh, scribbled-out words in loveletters, sharif, shasta thunderbird, shopping channels, singing into light poles, skosha, skot's voxes, sleeplife, slightly rotten fruit, snakes, snowprints, spontaneous lullabyes, stalkingmyself, storage spaces, sublegal, subversions, sudden portraiture, tackiness, tasketball, the gang called "gang", the oldies station, the you in dreams, therain thepark and otherthings, tragic mixtapes, train towns, traipsing about, translating, translations, trashfashion, traveling acrossthe americashape again, tree talking, tresses/ trees of tresses, urbanology, vinyl soundspirals, violining, vocality, walking, watching lepidopterans drink, water upon metal, wearing aprons to raves, why, wishtetame, wordlings, words makingme laugh/nod/jump/yelp/cry, yngxga aigg, yoko ono, your(glorious lack of)stubble, zubaz